Chandigarh – Training On Soft Skills (C-TOSS) 
Chandigarh is emerging as a strong destination for IT/ITES investment in India. The city is attractive enough and is being evaluated at par with the metropolitan cities. To further strengthen the objective of making Chandigarh a Technology hub, Chandigarh Administration is planning an initiative to start the training programs to develop professionals for the IT/ITES/BPO sector. The training programs are meant to upgrade the skill set in Chandigarh with the skills required for Global Work professionals.
The ITES policy of Chandigarh has envisioned accelerating the Economic growth of Chandigarh by leveraging the potential for IT and ITES in the city, and creating a competitive knowledge base for sustaining the growth of the industry. The objective of the policy is to make Chandigarh a major center for IT Enabled services, by attracting a substantially large share of the ITES industry in India and to enrich the skill sets of the youth of the Union Territory to provide them with high level employment and to enable high quality delivery of ITES.
The major initiatives to be taken by the Administration relate to Education, Infrastructure and Policy Incentives, which have a vital impact on the ITES sector. The initiatives to be taken to upgrade the skills of the youth of Chandigarh for ITES Industry requirements are as follows:
  • Training in the use of computers and in verbal skills including spoken English right from the primary school level.
  • At least 30% of school graduating population would have adequate soft-skills to support the ITES industry by 2006. This implies that out of approximately 10,000 senior secondary school graduates every year, about 3,000 would be trained to work in ITES/BPO companies. Most of these would be trained when they begin/enter colleges.
  • Training centers for skill sets specific to the ITES sector like language/accent training, basic computer and Internet training and customer handling skills.

ITES-BPO Scenario - Chandigarh

Chandigarh is emerging as a strong destination for IT/ITES investment in India. The city is attractive enough and is being evaluated almost at par with the metropolitan cities. Major Hubs at Bangalore, NCR, Mumbai are suffering from high worker attrition rates, exhausting skills pool and escalating cost of operations. A secure environment, ample human resource availability and reliable infrastructure are the major factors that are drawing IT/ITES bigwigs to Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the employment node for the entire northern region that is known for its entrepreneurial skills and perseverance, qualities that are targeted by companies of the new economy. A network of optical fiber cable, in addition to government initiatives, has further added to investment appeal.

Chandigarh Technology Park is a potential address for large IT/ITES companies for setting up their offices.

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