e - Jan Sampark Project

Chandigarh Administration is committed to bridge the digital divide by extending the application of IT for the benefit of the common man. After the successful launch of the Sampark Centres and in the second phase of the e-Governance initiative, the Administration has identified to provide the information about services of various departments and also to provide information and facilitation to residents regarding private services and other Government of India services from the 70 e-Jan Sampark kiosks which are to be set up in each sector and each village of Chandigarh. The e-Jan Sampark project will enable residents to access information and avail of services from the kiosks with ease, and without any harassment. These Centres will also enable the citizen to submit their grievances at a common centre and their quick redressal thereafter.

Jan Sampark project targets that the benefits of ICT should reach the masses, especially those who are without IT connectivity by providing easy dissemination of Information Services to a citizen and to deliver useful non transactional services e.g registration of grievances and applications seeking information under RTI for all departments at a easily accessible common place.

Jan Sampark Vision

  • Bring the administration closer to all the sections of the society especially under privileged.

  • Provide a single, efficient information dissemination system to the citizen for availing government services by minimising multiple interaction points for the citizen and hence reduce the wastage of valuable time

  • Provide for better turn around time in receipt, processing and issue of services

  • Provide information services in a comfortable environment and make availing of the information services a pleasant experience

  • Registration of Grievances

  • Giving substance to Right to Information Act

As the next logical step to Sampark Centres, the Administration has set up e-Jan-Sampark Centers, to disseminate useful free information services to the citizens. Every Center supports multi service delivery (information delivery and non-transactional services) which is a judicious mix of all the possible government services and information and other localized services which are needed by a citizen.

This initiative targets that the benefits of ICT reach the people without PC and internet connectivity and also saves their valuable time and money consumed in traveling to government offices.

The type of services provided include

Information Services

  • All Procedures and Forms for all departments, which are frequently used by a common man e.g How to apply for a birth/death certificate including procedure for late entry, how to lodge a FIR, various forms and procedures concerning public offices such as RLA, Estate Office, DC Office, Municipal Corporation, Engineering Wing etc.

  • Education and Health related information services e.g daily updated information regarding availability of blood in Blood Bank of Govt Medical Hospital, Exam Results, Information about availability of educational and health related facilities in each sector etc.

  • Transport and Tourism related inquiries e.g Bus Routes, information relating to tourism activities etc

  • Inquiries relating to Passport status; Railway booking status, Train timings etc

  • Providing access to all Government websites.

  • Other information like utility services available in each sector etc.

These services are provided free of cost except when the citizen needs any print out, the same is available at a nominal cost per page of print out.

Grievances Redressal Services

The citizens will also be able to submit their grievances relating to any department at these Centres. NIC has created a Grievance Monitoring System under which, whenever any grievance is received at the Jan Sampark centre, the same will be scanned and forwarded via email immediately to the Nodal Officer of every department who has been specially appointed for the Jan Sampark services. The hard copy of the grievance submitted by the citizen will also be sent to the Nodal Officer of the concerned Department. A time line would be given to the concerned Nodal Officer for the redressal of the grievance and under this Grievance Monitoring System, the Head of Department would also be able to monitor the redressal of grievances online.

Right To Information (RTI) Services

A provision has also been made for the submission of applications under the RTI at the Jan Sampark Centres alongwith the statutory fee in the form of a Demand draft or Indian Postal Order. All such applications will be received and the same will be delivered to the Central Public Information Officer of the concerned Department the same day. The applications will be received at the Jan Sampark Centres with the prescribed fee of Rs. 10/- per application in the form of DD or IPO in the name of the concerned Department from which the information has been sought, and the application alongwith the fee will be forwarded to the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the concerned Department and it will be his duty to reply directly to the citizen alongwith the desired information required by him, as per the RTI Act. If any further amount needs to be paid by the applicant, it would be the duty of the CPIO to request for additional fee (as per requirement) from the applicant directly and also the CPIO would reply to the applicant directly apart from filing the Action Taken Report in the RTI Application System created by NIC.

The Jan Sampark Centre would only be providing the facilitation services for the receipt of RTI applications so that a common man does not need to visit each and every office. The responsibility of submitting the information sought by the applicant will be of the CPIO of the concerned department who will ensure that the information is supplied to the applicant as per the provisions of the RTI Act.

Appointment Module for GMSH Sector 16 & GMCH Sector 32

On the lines of other services at e-Jan Sampark Centres, Now patients can get appointments for Government Multi Specialty Hospital Sector 16 & Government Medical Hospital, Sector 32 at e-Jan Sampark and Gram Sampark centres of Chandigarh.

To start with, patients desirous of re-visiting GMSH-16 or GMCH-32 can seek a prior appointment, which can be from a day to a fortnight, from the nearest e-Jan Sampark / e-Gram Sampark Centres and on stipulated date & time they can visit the hospital and go to the doctor directly. Subsequently, the facility would be extended to other hospitals, polyclinics, clinics, dispensaries, laboratories etc and with additional facilities like getting prior appointments for lab tests, X-rays, new patients, bed availability, blood availability etc.

Benefits Accrued

  • Government Services closer to the citizen

  • Giving substance to Right to Information Act

  • Better information dissemination

  • Transparency & efficiency in government-citizen interface

  • Life simpler for the common man

  • Financially self sustainable model for information delivery free of cost to the common man

 e - Jan Sampark Locations


  • Sector 20

  • All e-Sampark and Gram Sampark Centres are also being provided the Jan Sampark Services.


30 new Sites have been identified for setting up of e-Jan Sampark Centres are following :-

  1. Sector 7-C, Shopping Centre

  2. Sector 8, Shopping Centre

  3. Sector 11-D, Shopping Centre

  4. Sector 16, Shopping Centre

  5. Sector 17, Shopping Centre

  6. Sector 19-C, Shopping Centre

  7. Sector 21, Shopping Centre

  8. Sector 22, Shopping Centre

  9. Sector 24-D, Shopping Centre

  10. Sector 26, Shopping Centre

  11. Sector 27-D, Shopping Centre

  12. Sector 28-D, Shopping Centre

  13. Sector 29-C, Shopping Centre

  14. Sector 30, Shopping Centre

  15. Sector 31-C, Shopping Centre

  16. Sector 33-D, Shopping Centre

  17. Sector 34-C, Shopping Centre

  18. Sector 35, Shopping Centre

  19. Sector 36-D, Shopping Centre

  20. Sector 38-C, Shopping Centre

  21. Sector 38 (West), Shopping Centre

  22. Sector 41, Shopping Centre

  23. Sector 44, Shopping Centre

  24. Sector 45, Shopping Centre

  25. Sector 48, Shopping Centre

  26. Sector 49, Shopping Centre

  27. Sector 51, Shopping Centre

  28. Sector 61, Shopping Centre

  29. PGI

  30. Panjab University

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