e-Sampark Project

e-Governance is the most significant aspect of the I.T. Policy of Chandigarh Administration. The vision of the Administration is to create a knowledge based society, wherein every citizen of Chandigarh shall be able to excess the benefits of IT. IT is to be used as a medium for effective interaction between the Administration and the public so that exchange of information and access to government departments is speedy and easy, leading to a better quality of life. 

As per the IT Policy, all departments of the Administration are to be computerized, with the Public dealing departments to be taken up first. Accordingly, significant work has been done in the Departments of Excise and Taxation, Licensing and Registering Authority, Transport, Registration of Births and Deaths, and Police. Other Departments like Estate Office, Health, Education, and Food & Supplies are currently being taken up for computerization. Relevant applications in all these Departments are being identified and prioritized. The budget for all these projects is to be drawn from the funds available with the Departments themselves. As per Government of India guidelines, 1 to 3 per cent of each Department’s Budget is to be allocated for e-governance.

The aim is to enable relevant information to be placed on a citizen’s portal which could be accessed either through the internet or through a chain of Information Centres by the public, so that they are not required to visit Government offices frequently. An Optic Fiber Network has also been set up in the city by private companies at their own cost. Part of this Network is being utilized to connect Government Offices and Information Centres.

Wired City

Optic Fiber Cable Backbone Network in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Administration has taken a number of initiatives to create the necessary infrastructure required for the promotion of the IT Industry. The main issue which faces IT companies and IT enabled services is that of connectivity. This has been met by establishing a Fibre Optic Backbone Network, which now covers the whole of Chandigarh. Chandigarh Administration’s Wired City Plan has been implemented with the laying of 50 KMs of OFC ducts in the city by Spectra Net Limited approximately 80 Kms OFC ducts by HFCL, 40 Kms by Reliance and 20 Kms by Power Grid & 14 Kms by Bharti, at their own cost. Permission has been given to various companies for laying of OFC in the city by the Administration in accordance with the National Policy.

Chandigarh has already become the first city in the country to have Optic fiber connectivity with Delhi, through the network of Power Grid India Limited. Every point in the city is within 1 Km of the OFC Network, thereby enabling the companies to provide Internet services to consumers through the high speed Broadband Network and they are in a position to do so, as per the National Policy. The Network shall also enable the implementation of e-Governance projects of the Administration as sufficient Bandwidth shall be available, through the OFC Network

Wired City Map



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